Cubot Note S arrival

Cubot has been in the business of giving Kenyans the best when it comes to mid range phones that can be trusted. It has been a slow but sure journey for Cubot in the past few months. Most of us are of the opinion that Cubot has not disappointed. As a matter of fact, it is on its way to becoming the best smartphone brand in Kenya if things go the way they have been going. With models such as Cubot dinosaur, Cubot Cheetah and Cubot Note S making mega sells in the past few days. The trend is expected to keep on going that way making Cubot one of the most prospective brands in Kenya. Today we shall shift our focus to Cubot Note S which is one of the most affordable models from Cubot.  We will go through some of the striking features that you get with Cubot, some of them are not even found in some expensive phones. That is how good Cubot Note S is.



If you would like to have a phone that will take you for a very long time and still not get a low battery message, Cubot Note S is the way to go. It comes with a 4150mAh battery capacity which I think is quite large to keep the phone going for the longest time possible. With such a battery capacity, you can forget about buying a power bank which might proof to be too expensive. Cubot Note S has been made unique by the fact that it is affordable, yet has so much to bring to the table. Considering that Cubot Note S comes with software that is expected to give the best performance, the battery is expected to support any gaming activity that you may be interested in as well as keeping the phone powered when you are working with most of the apps on your phone.

Don’t be surprised when the battery takes you for two whole days without the need of a re charge. The battery in the Cubot Note S is something that most Kenyans would die to have. The only negative issue that you may encounter with this phone is probably the fact that the charging rate is quite slow. The best thing would be to charge the phone at night when you will not even count the hours that the phone will take to get a full charge.



You will love the 5.5 IPS display which has a 720 X 1280 pixels and a pixel resolution of 273 ppi. It boasts of a 2.5 D screen which basically means that this phone is a hybrid of a flat display and the curved display that has been adopted by most high end Samsung phones.  It is not often easy to notice that the screen is slightly curved and this may as well pass you so easily. This technology basically gives Cubot Note S a competitive edge over most mid range phones that have the ordinary screens.

The display is super bright especially when you are viewing from indoors. The best thing with the display is that you get viewing angles that are really decent which makes viewing things on this phone quite amazing as you don’t  always have to struggle to view the content of the screen. You may need a screen protector in the event that you think the phone may get too many scratches that may otherwise change the outlook of the phone. The good thing is that a screen protector does not cost too much money which makes it better as you will not spend a lot on one.


The whole concept in the design is really amazing and you get a phone that not only delivers when it comes to the performance but also the design. One thing that anyone who has looked at this phone knows is that it does not look cheap, it actually look like it’s a high end phone. The audio port is right at the top , the power and the volume button are on the right side of the phone. You will find the camera and the LED flash on the left top side. The Matte finish at the back of the phone gives Cubot Note S a more firm grip which makes it less slippery.  Let us just say that the whole design is perfect.



The performance of a phone is the main highlight of any electronic. This is because; a good performing phone is the one that can deliver all that you want without any complications. Cubot Note S comes with a 1.3GHz Quad Core processor, a 2GB RAMS and runs on the 5.1 Android OS. You will notice the 2GB RAM once you start operating the apps on your phone.  Working with several apps is almost flawless and the phone does not hang as most mid range phones do.

The processor gives you a great response with apps making it an efficient phone to have. The 16GB storage spices things up as you get ample space to save most of your favorite documents. I bet you will take a lot of time before the space is depleted. In the 16GB internal storage that you get, only 11 GB is available for you. There is also a slot for an SD card in case you feel that the space given to you is not sufficient.


Cubot Note S comes with an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera. The photography that you get with Cubot Note S is really good. The shots that the camera takes on broad day light are excellent. The phone is also in a position to take clear videos that are really fun to watch. The only challenge may be that this phone may not be in a position to take clear images at night. in as much as it has an LED flash, images taken at night are not as clear and cannot even be compared to what you get during the day.

Dual sim card


Not forgetting the fact that it is a dual sim phone making it possible for anyone to have two sim card on the same phone. This is amazing as you get to use the network provider that offers the most affordable services either with internet, calls or messaging. Instead of having two smartphones, you can as well opt to have a phone that can easily house two sim cards at the same time. This is actually cheaper and saves you some good amount of money.


Apart from the phone lacking a fast charging feature, the rest of the features are really cool. This is actually the phone that I would recommend to anyone who is considering getting a new smartphone this year. Cubot Note S competes with the likes of Infinix Note 2 which tells you that this is a brand that is trustworthy. Cubot Note S does not come with so many flaws but as we say there is no single electronic device which is perfect. Most of them always have some room for improvement. I believe that the consequent Cubot models will be far much better and have so much to offer to people.