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What makes the Samsung Fascinate different from other Android phones? It is most likely the Bing search engine, map, and other features Bing has to offer. The navigation tool is from Verizon as well, not your usual free Google Navigation app found on other android phones. If you still prefer Google over the default Bing browser, you would have to utilize your internet browser to do so. The navigation app is integrated to Facebook so that you can provide status updates if you so desire. You could of course access widgets for other google applications such as GTalk and You Tube.

This does not mean that all is not well with your Samsung Fascinate. The Super AMOLED screen is so pleasant to look at. It provides very good picture quality and screen resolution, better than the other android phones. The screen goes dark within 10 to fifteen seconds of use, so that you don’t have to worry about it draining your battery. The phone is very thin and at 4.16 ounces, considerably lighter than most other android phones. The battery is 1500mAH and lasts up to seven and a half hours of talk time. The phone’s call quality is really great. And you of course have standard android phone features such as 5 mega pixel camera, LED flash, 720p video.

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Verizon has also loaded the Fascinate with a lot of useful apps which are not found in other Android phones. You get Exchange ActiveSync e-mail which synchronizes with e-mail, calendar etc. You can use Swype, if you do not want to use the regular keyboard. You have the Verizon’s Write and Go App which allow you to send text via SMS, email or social networking. You have the option of sending photos to gmail, flickr etc. V-Cast, Verizon’s application store that has been trying to compete against Google’s widgets, offer music and videos. In addition Samsung and Verizon are providing periodic updates, the first of which allows you to use your search while on a call as well as facilitates faster switching between 3G and 1x RTT. The synchronization with email has been improved in the update. You also get Android 2.2 (Froyo) update which will allow you to use Google search on your Fascinate.


Your Samsung Fascinate would most likely need accessories for an enhanced experience. Verizon itself generously offers an extended battery at a capacity of 2200 mAh. This is a high power battery that is not sold in other stores. Along with that you could also get other accessories such as cases, screen protectors, clips, stereo head sets etc. You could get the typical accessories such as cases, screen protectors and head sets from other stores as well. You could even order them online.

With the Android 2.2 update, you could start using Google search and maps on the Samsung Fascinate. And with that choice, and its unique features such as the super screen, the V-Cast apps and regular free updates, Samsung Fascinate becomes a very desirable android phone.


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